Natural Makeup Brands For All Skin Tones And Shades

Natural Makeup Brands For All Skin Tones And Shades

 There’s been is a growing trend towards natural, organic products, which extends to cosmetics, too. With research showing that certain ingredients found in a lot of makeup can cause anything from skin sensitivity to endocrine disruption, it’s no wonder people are slowly phasing out certain products! If you’re a makeup fanatic, want to try safer brands but worry that your options may be limited; here are 8 natural makeup brands that you can explore.



Provides foundation for all colours

Samples available


Not stocked at major retailers so you’d have to purchase samples before deciding on your shade.

Ships to: US, Canada and the UK, only

Must-have product: Satin blush, which comes in 5 soft shades




Lipstick is bold and highly pigmented and the darker shades come up great on darker skin tones

Widely available

Their vivid foundation is available in shades for all skin tones


There really aren’t any! It’s a great makeup brand.


Translucent Powder. With hydrating ingredients, it doesn’t make your skin look dry after a much-needed touch up.


Bare Minerals


Provide SPF foundation in 20 shades i.e. for ALL skin colours. Hoorah!

Stocked in several outlets in the UK, France, Germany, Ireland, USA and Canada so you can try before you buy


Moisturise before you apply your foundation as it can be quite drying

Lipstick can be too soft and the colour isn’t very bold on darker skin tones. (But if you want to turn lemons into lemonade, it can be used a blush!)


Ecco Bella


They don’t just focus on makeup. They produce a range of skin and hair care products, too


Range of liquid foundation for darker skin tones – and for fair ones for that matter – is rather limited

The foundation doesn’t provide long-lasting wear

Must-buy: Flowercolour Natural Mascara. It goes on without clumps, easy to apply, long-wearing and is the wand is the perfect size for those of us with shorter lashes


Zuii Organics


Their certified Organic Flora Foundation is available for all skin tones

Zuii Organics products are stocked in several outlets in Europe, USA and Australia

They offer samples, which you can purchase directly from their website


The price point is very high compared to other brands and

If you don’t live in Australia, buying from their official website means you’re likely to face high shipping costs.

Must-try: Flora Lip Tint. If you prefer a more subtle lip colour rather than a bold, arresting look, these certified organic liquid tints would be just right for you


RMS Beauty


Widely available all over the world and stocked in several worldwide stores so you can try before you buy


They don’t provide shades for all skin tones

Foundation is not part of their makeup range

Their price point is quite high. It might be understandable considering RMS Beauty’s celebrity clientele, but for those on a budget, it might, unfortunately, be out of their price range


Alima Pure


Wonderfully large selection of foundations for all skin tones

Very affordable



The range available with international vendors is limited. To get your hands on a wider range of products, you’d have to purchase from their official website and depending on where you lie, shipping costs may set you back quite a bit


100% Pure


Their range of Fruit Pigmented Foundation is available for all skin tones, although the selection for darker tones is limited.

Their range of products extends to body and hair care and even baby products

Internationally available online


They don’t offer you samples

Not available in stores (as far as we know) so you can’t try before you buy. Other than that, there aren’t any cons! It’s a great brand for you to experiment with and try for yourself


There you have it, folks! Our top 8 natural makeup brands that we think are worth a try. If you like this list, why not share it with your friends. Do you know any other brands? Let us know in the comments below!


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