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Hair Amour 'Flora Blossom' Growth Stimulating Hair & Scalp Conditioning Oil 150ml
Hair Amour 'Flora Blossom' Growth Stimulating Hair & Scalp Conditioning Oil 150ml
Hair Amour 'Flora Blossom' Growth Stimulating Hair & Scalp Conditioning Oil 150ml
Hair Amour 'Flora Blossom' Growth Stimulating Hair & Scalp Conditioning Oil 150ml
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Hair Amour 'Flora Blossom' Growth Stimulating Hair & Scalp Conditioning Oil 150ml

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Hair Amour 'Flora Blossom' Growth Stimulating Hair & Scalp Conditioning oil is an amazing botanical combination of beneficial plant oils that stimulate growth and lovingly moisture and condition your hair and scalp.
With rosemary essential oil as one of the ingredients of our special 'Flora Blossom' botanical blend, it stimulates circulation to your scalp and follicles to promote hair growth and strengthen your roots. This lightweight blend provides the vital nourishment your hair needs to retain strength, length and moisture. The sweet, floral scent uplifts your mood and relaxes you, too.

And, not only does it give your hair a gorgeous sheen, it moisturises your scalp, regulates sebum, balances oil production and prevents dry scalp and dandruff as well as helping to combat conditions like scalp eczema, psoriasis and sebhorrheic dermatitis.

It's liquid love in a bottle from Mother Nature to you.


How To Use
On damp/dry hair and scalp, measure out several drops in the palm of your hand. Then, using your fingertips, apply to your scalp and roots.
Massage it in, thoroughly, for 2-3 minutes to ensure even distribution to the whole head and stimulation of your scalp and hair follicles.
Style hair as desired
For best results use daily.


Here are the ingredients we use:

Sweet Almond Oil
• Rich in magnesium, calcium and zinc
• Gives hair shaft nice sheen, making it manageable and tangle-free
• Preserve the protective layer of oil

Apricot Kernel Oil
• Promotes hair growth because of the nutrients in it
• Effective against dry scalp
• Shiny hair without greasiness
• Unlike commercial preparations, and like many natural preparations, it nourishes and conditions the hair
• Softens the hair without making it greasy

Grape Seed Oil
• Rich in vitamin E, which is necessary for hair growth and health
• Proteins, minerals and linoleic acid
• Hot treatment and/or regular use will help the hair look shiny, but not greasy
• When it absorbs into the hair, it helps strengthen each strand from the roots, which helps prevents split ends, thinning hair and breaking later on
• Smoothens the cuticle and helps prevent frizz

Jojoba Oil
• Able to remove hair residue and provide a cooling effect
• Effective hair conditioner
• Used as a serum, improves the health and shininess of the hair
• Rub jojoba oil into the hair and massage to stimulate hair growth

Castor Oil
• Moisturises hair, promotes hair growth and prevents hair loss
• Contains ricinoleic acid, which is an omega-9 fatty acid able to penetrate the pores of the skin and hair follicles and provide nourishment
• Castor oil protect existing hair follicles, keeping hair from being shed too

Hair Amour Flora Blossom Special Botanical Blend of Essential Oils
• Balances scalp pH therefore reduces dryness, itching and flakiness
• Natural antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties
• Treats dandruff and scalp eczema
• Restores scalp’s oil balance
• Soothes and nourishes scalp
• Strengthens your roots and encourages growth by promoting blood circulation to the scalp
• Helps unclog your hair follicles and nourish your roots
• Helps balance natural scalp oils
• Amazing treatment for dry scalp as it moisturises and nourishes your hair & scalp
• Regular use/massage reduces hair loss and make the hair soft and shiny

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