About Love Row

We’re Love Row. Our mission is to make you happy. And to be happy we’ve got to love ourselves. Our mantra: Dare to love yourself.

We believe you believe in la dolce vita and you want to make your life sweet.

By making small steps a little bit at a time you can totally achieve the state of “love zen” and we’re here to help you.

With beauty products gifted to you with love by Mother Nature herself, you’d want to make our nature-inspired products part of your beauty regimen.

Our products are created for the dreamers, the fairies, the boho chicks, the mermaids, the city girls, the girl bosses, the go-getters, the art lovers. You guessed it – that’s right, our products are for you!

For daily inspiration, motivation and to share your stories with us, visit the Love Row blog at loverow.co. Let’s share our worlds.